Available Sites

Building Sites: Crossroads Industrial Park (Heavy Industrial), Runger's Light Industrial Park (Light Industrial), Runger's Commercial Park (Arterial Commercial), Sheldon Crossing (Arterial Commercial), OBCI Lot L (Arterial Commercial)

For information about available sites in Sheldon, Iowa please click on one of the links below.

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All Sheldon, Iowa building site proposals are subject to SCDC Development Committee Approval.


 Location  Price  Map  Incentives  Contact
 Runger's Light Industrial Park  $25,000 per acre  Map  Available  Curt Strouth at 324-2813
 Crossroads Industrial Park  negotiable  Map  Available  Curt Strouth at 324-2813
 Runger's Commercial Park  $25,000 per acre  Map  Available  Curt Strouth at 324-2813
 Sheldon Crossing Commercial  $50,000 per acre  Map  Available  Curt Strouth at 324-2813
 OBCI Commercial Lot L  $50,000 per acre  Map  Available Curt Strouth at 324-2813
 Sheldon Crossing Residential Development  Call for lot prices  Map    Curt Strouth at 324-2813
 or any local realtor.
Sheldon Crossing Prairie Trail Commercial Development Park $50,000 per acre Map   Curt Strouth at 324-2813
Sheldon Crossing Outlook X Commercial Development $50,000 per Acre Map   Curt Strouth at 324-2813

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